About Me

About Me

Georgiana Klinke | Professional Organiser

Hi! I’m Georgiana, I’m an APDO accredited Professional Organiser and Declutterer living in Hackney, East London.

I set up my business to focus on my passions for organising, decluttering and styling houses and organising office spaces. My main goal is efficiency: making time work for you and not against you by having processes in place which are easy to follow, even for children!

After a career of almost 20 years in Human Resources in large corporate firms, I’m used to delivering time critical projects whilst working full time and managing a family and busy household.

My approach is not to achieve perfection, but to have a system so that at the end of a busy day it’s quick and easy to put things away, leaving you time to relax and focus on the things you enjoy.

I live in Hackney but am happy to travel an hour away using my own car, and am happy to work weekends at no additional cost.

I try to avoid anything going into landfill unless this is an absolute last resort; I use a network of contacts and services so that any unwanted items can go to a good home, be it charity, refuge, local community hub or local groups who could benefit from what you no longer need.

I can also sell higher value items for you or teach you some tips for doing it yourself and getting the best price. One client paid almost my entire invoice from the proceeds of the sale of unwanted items which had been just gathering dust for years!

I can also offer tips on time management and productivity during our sessions to help maintain the work that we’ve done together.

Everyone has different goals and motivations for wanting or needing to declutter, and having lived in various different countries on different continents I have seen first hand how diverse spaces can work, especially in a small space or with a limited budget.

For more details about how I work in practice with clients please visit my FAQs page or contact me for more information on my contact page.

COVID-19 statement

I am following Government guidance on how best to continue to work in client’s homes whilst trying to ensure the safety and well-being of both clients and myself.

I am not using public transport in an effort to minimise the number of people I come into contact with, using my own car instead to visit clients, and . continue to adhere to strict guidelines, laundering my clothes before and after each visit, and will observe social distancing rules as well as using PPE.

Before starting each assignment I will contact you to ensure that you are happy to me to attend, and will send you my COVID-19 policy which both of us will sign up to.

I understand that it is a personal choice and you as a client need to comfortable with letting me into your home so if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

A place for everything and everything in its place
Georgiana is fantastic- we moved into our new house and needed our play room and children’s clothes de- cluttered and organised. Georgiana was efficient, helpful and kind. I am thrilled with the results. Our playroom is the tidiest and most organised it has ever been and the children absolutely love it. Georgiana took away the clothes and toys we wanted donated and helped dispose of stuff that we no longer needed. She went the extra mile to help, I would 100% recommended her
S T – London