About Me

About Me

Georgiana Klinke | Professional Organiser

I’m Georgiana, the Owner of LifeSpace.London, a Professional Organiser and Declutterer based in East London.

I founded the company to focus on my passions for organising and decluttering, I love nothing better than having a good sort out. I have been told that I am a ‘born organiser’; when I was a child I once tried to be messy by leaving my wardrobe open with clothes spilling out: I couldn’t even last a day!

After a career of almost 20 years in Human Resources in the City and abroad, I know what it’s like trying to juggle working full time with raising a family, not to mention finding time for hobbies and interests: everyone needs a little help sometimes. So I founded LifeSpace London so that I can pass on my knowledge and experience to help others deal with the clutter and feel more in control of their lives and not the other way round.

I am not trying to achieve perfection: unless you have an army of staff and helpers and immaculate children (I certainly don’t know any, not even my own!) I believe it is nigh on impossible to live in a ‘show home’ and I wouldn’t want to. My house might well be organised and tidy, but it is after all a family home and I don’t want to spend hours each day trying to keep it that way.

More about me

Modern life is demanding and expectations of us are high. We are constantly being asked to do more with less, and whilst we might not be able to change that, we can prioritise what is important to us.

Having spent many years organising homes and managing house moves for friends and family members, I decided to focus on what I am by nature and love to be: a professional organiser.

My mantra is simple: with a system in place, anyone can enjoy a calmer and less stressful home environment. Life is busy enough without coming home to a cluttered environment too after a busy day!

No one person is superhuman - we all need a little help sometimes
Georgiana's help made a massive difference to my day to day routine: now I am on top of my household and not the other way round! I can't wait to have her back with more clever solutions to maintain my home.  
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