Get your home or work-space organised professionally

I’m a declutterer and professional organiser based in East London, offering decluttering services for work-spaces and homes in the East, North and Central London areas and West Essex.


Modern life is busy and demanding; space and time in urban environments especially are at a premium. If you feel that clutter is taking over your home and making you feel overwhelmed then I can help.


I will work with you to regain control, tackle the clutter that has been piling up, and you might re-discover things that you love, or be able to make money from those that you don’t. Getting organised can be a life-changing experience!

I am sure that we all own too much stuff

I believe that if your home environment is tidy and organised you will feel calm and happier. Not only will you be able to reclaim some space, but you might find things you love or had forgotten about. You might even find hidden profit in the sale of some unwanted possessions!

I have always been a ‘neat freak’ and proud of it. Having organised homes and managed house moves in addition to a high pressure career, I decided to leave the Corporate world focus on what I am by nature: a professional organiser.

I offer a practical service for busy people with busy lives who want to enjoy their living space rather than feeling overwhelmed by it.

Georgiana's help made a massive difference to my day to day routine: now I am on top of my household and not the other way round! I can't wait to have her back with more clever solutions to maintain my home.  
G P – E14