Letting go of the past and moving on

Posted by Georgiana Klinke on 26/06/2018 | Cost of Clutter

Recently, I worked with a client who was a self-confessed shoe addict. Not just her own shoes, but the whole household, especially her young daughter’s shoes, a collection of which extended to something over 50 pairs dating back to the first pair ever bought.

In the biggest storage cupboard in the flat, the boxes were neatly stacked, each pair holding a memory of a place or an event. We talked about what the shoes meant to the client, and during this process, the client decided that she was ready to let go of some of the shoes to gain space for their lives now. We got to work carefully photographing each pair, creating a memory box for those which were just too special to part with entirely.

Now the client can look at the memory box whenever she likes, knowing that the majority of the shoes now have a new owner, and happy that she has reclaimed some much needed space for the current phase of their lives.