House Moving / Home Staging

Home Staging and Moving House – preparing a house for sale, removing clutter to show off your home at its best to achieve the maximum potential sale price of your home, or generally getting organised for a move / downsize, I can help you.

The key to staging your home for sale is to help potential purchasers visualise the space and how they would use it: some people can see through the personal items to see the house’s potential, but not everyone can visualise themselves in the space; that’s where I come in.

I can help you show off your home to prospective buyers, declutter the space so that it looks its best, and re-organise rooms to help purchasers see how they would live in it.

In preparation for a move, I will help you organise your belongings using a labelling system so that it is easy for removal companies to load up, and for you to direct and unpack at the other end.

I can also source tradespeople to help sort out any small jobs which need fixing, arrange removal and storage, liaise with agents and I can be on hand during and after the move to ensure that it’s the least stressful possible day.

It is always best if possible to declutter before you move, so as not to waste money on unnecessary storage fees, and I can advise on how to donate / reuse / recycle or sell your unwanted items which could even make you some extra cash which you can then use to set up your new home.

I am also experienced in bereavement and house clearance so please get in touch for more information on how I could help you.


We can tackle it together