Georgiana is fantastic- we moved into our new house and needed our play room and children’s clothes de- cluttered and organised. Georgiana was efficient, helpful and kind. I am thrilled with the results. Our playroom is the tidiest and most organised it has ever been and the children absolutely love it. Georgiana took away the clothes and toys we wanted donated and helped dispose of stuff that we no longer needed. She went the extra mile to help, I would 100% recommended her
S T – London
Georgiana sorted an entire garage and cellar of clutter that had built up during a house renovation. She declared it fun - kept her good humour throughout - and sorted every box out with astonishing efficiency. I can not recommend her and her amazing life sorting services more! Book it in!
C D – Essex
I had the pleasure of working with Georgiana during a house clearance. It was a difficult personal time, but she was able to focus on the task at hand with amazing powers of organisation. In a very short time she had cleared the house, ensuring that items to be kept were identified and carefully stored, whilst delicately helping clear items to be removed in a sensitive and careful manner. Georgiana has great integrity and a strong work ethic who commits to 'getting things done'. I trusted her implicitly in my home, and within a short space of time had helped me to achieve what might have taken me months or even longer. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.
B D – London E3
Georgiana's help made a massive difference to my day to day routine: now I am on top of my household and not the other way round! I can't wait to have her back with more clever solutions to maintain my home.  
G P – E14
I would highly recommend Georgiana: she is efficient, practical and the volume of tasks she is able to get through in a short time is nothing short of astounding! She was able to see through all the toys to visualise the space, and by making me confront the clutter that had forced us to live in one corner of the room, I could see how much space we actually had to use, once many items had been tidied away or moved onto a good home. She was great at sorting through and working out what we could sell to make some money to put towards a weekend break which was much needed and appreciated. I now hope that I can keep it this way, but if I can't, then I know that Georgiana is only a call away to get me back on track!
C G – London N1