Space planning and optimisation is a fundamental part of optimising the layout of space in your home or workspace. By simply changing the placement of furniture and storage areas, we can maximise the space you have available and ensure that it is as efficient as it can possibly be. This is especially true in London homes where space is at a real premium and storage can be overlooked.

I will look at how you currently use the space, how you would like to use it, including the function and flow of each area, and will work with you so that the layout you have is well organised to allow function, purpose and order.

This will allow you to see the entirety of the space you actually have, highlighting those items which are most important to you, so that the space is maximised and easy to live in, as well as to clean and keep tidy.

After all, is it your home not a show house!

If you look for perfection you will never be content