Do you really need to buy it……?

Posted by Georgiana Klinke on 29/03/2018 | Decluttering Tips

If you can see what’s lurking at the the back of your bathroom cupboards then you probably don’t need a declutterer like me! But if you haven’t dared look that far there might be all sorts of toiletries you never knew you had, so try following my simple rule.

I make myself use up toiletries before I buy any new ones: there is no need to stockpile shower gel for ‘just in case the supermarket runs out….’ as we are lucky enough in London not to have to worry about that phenomenon.

But if there are items you really don’t want to keep, but don’t want to throw away either, help is at hand: there are many organisations out there which accept donated (generally unused and unopened, although sometimes not) toiletries and pass them on to people who could really use them.┬áReduce waste and recycle – and everyone’s happy!

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